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Tale of Malifaux Bloggers - Part 0 - Prologue


Well I thought i'd best do my #tomb post 0 as everyone else has, so what's #tomb you may ask, well settle down and i'll tell you a story.

Way back in the mists of time (well a couple of weeks ago) two fellows, the names of Chris King and Dave Chandler had a dream, they were wondering why there were no 'new player' resources for Malifaux, you know the sort - how to start a crew, what things you should buy etc and coupled with memories of the old GW 'Tale of X gamers' - a series of articles were 4 players started warhammer armies and slowly built them up over a period of time, with a monthly budget to expand their forces - the dream twosome decided to start something similar for Malifaux.

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So they created Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (formally #secretstuff) this is a group project in which a small group of players document the process of collecting, painting and playing with new Malifaux crews over a period of several months. If you want to know more specifics check out Episode 10 of Chasing Bacon or the introductory post on Play it Like Beatdown. There's also a thread on the wyrd boards here where you can sign up if you want.

This initial post is going to detail my crew choice and what I think my initial purchases will be, I'll follow it up with a post later on when I actually start building and playing, rather than just theory-fauxing.

So I needed to decide which crew to start - I thought about jumping on the Wave 2 bandwagon, and was very tempted by one of the new crews such as Jack Daw, or even *shudder* one of the gremlin masters, but in the end I couldn't bear waiting for the plastic boxes to be released for them, so I decided to pick from the current releases. This reduced my choice considerably, as I went a bit mad on both Gencon and the black friday sale and currently own pretty much all the new plastics. The only ones I don't currently own are: Lady Justice, Ramos, Marcus, Rasputina, Seamus.

This looked to be pointing me in a direction I had often thought about - Arcanists. Arcanists were my first faction way, way back when I started Malifaux - My first master was Collette, swiftly followed by Rasputina when I realised Collette was a bit complicated :D recently thought, the arcanists had fallen out of favour - new shiny toys had taken their place - Neverborn, Ressers and most recently Guild but I always have a soft spot in my heart for the smugglers and magicians of the arcanist faction.

So, I've narrowed down a faction - now to choose a first purchase, and as we only have $60 to spend in the first month this means choosing a master - as Ramos is the new filth, and I've played against him a few times but am still to work out how to beat the swarms of spiders, I thought - if you can't beat them, join them. So Ramos it is.
Ramos and his trusty M&SU members

As I mentioned before for the first month you have $60 to spend, followed by $25 a month after that, this is only to be spent on models, basing supplies, rules etc are not included in the budget.

As the Ramos box set is $50 that takes up the lion share of the budget - thankfully the box contains tonnes of models, including Ramos himself, 6 spiders, brass arachnid, Joss and Howard - if I use the spiders separately this comes to a mighty 50 soulstones without upgrades. Now I don't know much about Ramos, but I know that he normally also starts with an Electrical creation to beat up and create scrap for more spiders, so I'll use my remaining budget to pick up one of those, leaving me with a mighty $1 left of my initial $60 budget (all prices are RRP).

So I have the models on order and should be being delivered soon - my next blog post will go into how I build them and hopefully my first couple of games - prepare for swear words and anger as I've heard the models can be quite a pain to assemble (particularly the brass arachnid)

Cya next time.

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