Tuesday, February 4, 2014

State of the Union -- Warhammer

So, my last attempt at blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside, it's been about 21 months since my last post, so what's been going on since then?

This post and the ones following will mostly be a 'state of the union' - letting everyone know where i'm up to and things occuring in the future, hopefully i'll be updating it more often in the future, thanks to #secretstuff

Well, the previous few posts were about my Samurai Empire army and I'm happy to say i've nearly finished it :)

I've assembled and painted about 2k of them, I've still got a few things left to finish off, but as always it's been overtaken by other projects, anyway - here's some pics of things as they currently stand.
Empire General on Griffon
More Pics after the jump:

Spearmen with Characters
Halberdier detachment
Demigryph knights

I really must get round to finishing them off, but I'm happy where they stand atm - I've also converted up a Hurricanum but I can't find any pics of that :s I've taken them to a couple of tournaments and even won a couple of best army awards :)

As well as my Empire I've also completed a Netlist Warriors of Chaos list, mainly consisting of Chariots, Monsters and Cavalry :)

BSB on disc of Tzeentch
Chariot, Converted vortex beast and some chaos spawn


  1. Hey Dude

    I'm planning to do an empire samurai much the same as you

    Just a few questions, where did you get your Lions and Dragon/hippogriff from?

  2. Hey, Thanks for looking.

    The Lions are from the High Elf Chariot kit, and the Dragon is a McFarlane Dragon model, which I repainted and added a rider.