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Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Month 1 #tomb


So This is my Month 1 post for the tale of Malifaux Bloggers, in this series of blog posts i'll be chronicling my journey into the new filth - Ramos ;) - building up month by month until I'm conquering every tournament I go to.

Well that's the plan.

I'll be splitting my posts into two sections, Buying & Painting and Gaming, then you can read the bit that interests you (hopefully both)

Buying & Modelling.

For Month 1 we get a monster budget of $60 to start with, with a subsequent budget of  $25 per month, this is only for models and is using the RRP price of the models, if we use proxies/conversions the original price must be used, I'll also be keeping track of the actual cost as well to see how much you can save.

So I chose Ramos to start this endeavour and he just happened to get a shiny new plastic boxset - so that's a good start. This box comes in at a meaty $50, leaving me just $10 left of my initial budget. Now this box is a bit more expensive than the others, but it does come with a stack of models inside:

  • Ramos
  • Howard Langston
  • Joss
  • Brass Arachnid
  • 6 Steam Arachnids

These make a meaty start to a crew - coming in at a whopping 50 soulstones without upgrades - now you probably won't use all of these at once, you'll more than likely only hire a couple of spiders to start with and summon the rest in, but it's still a great value boxset.

With my remaining $10 I purchased one of the models that Ramos commonly uses and can actually summon for free - an electrical creation - this has a RRP of $9 leaving me a mighty $1 to carry across to next month.

I bought my Ramos box from my local store - The Outpost in Sheffield which sells it for a very reasonable £30.60 - and in fact I even got it a bit cheaper as I'm a platinum member - which gets you 20% off RRP instead of 10% - the Electrical creation I ordered from Arcane Miniatures which came in at £4.50 - now I say ordered, as I ordered it on the 10th Feb as they had it listed as in stock, and no-one else did, however, as of today - 19th Feb it still hasn't been dispatched - which is very disappointing :( , suffice to say I won't be using them again, Outpost and Element Games for me from now on.

As far as modelling goes, I've assembled Joss and Ramos, but I've got some slightly esoteric plans.

These plans may cheat a little bit, as I've already got a Miss Step model from GenCon which can be used as a Howard Langston proxy, so I don't need the one in the box - so I'm going to use the Dr Octopus tentacles from him on my Ramos, to give him a bit of coolness, and I'm going to try and use the remains of Howard to make a Large Steampunk Arachnid. Pics will follow when I get round to doing some work on them, but I've been distracted by Bolt Action and getting guild ready for my tournament in a couple of weeks.


Tonight I had my first game using Ramos, as I haven't assembled them all yet I cheated and used Vassal. In case you don't know - Vassal is a way of playing Malifaux online - details can be found here: Vassal - I'd recommend it to anyone as a way of trying new models and playing against new people.

I played against Mr Mythicfox who's blog can be found here: He was using Kaeris and we decided to play a 40ss game as that's what her box set can stretch to :)

We used @malifauxschemes to flip a strat/scheme pool and it came out with:

line in the sand
plant evidence
frame for murder

So a few killy schemes and a couple of scheme marker based ones, so nice and balanced, As it was reckoning I chose quite an elite crew:

  • Ramos
    • bleeding edge tech, combat mechanic, electric summon
  • Joss
    • imbued energy
  • Howard
    • imbued energy
  • Brass arachnid
  • Electrical creation

Plant Evidence (announced)
Frame for murder on Howard.

The plan was to sacrifice the electrical creation to get a couple of spiders out to do the plant evidence, and stick Howard right in the middle to keep James' crew occupied.

James took:

  • Kaeris
    • Blinding Flame, Born of Fire,  Purifying Flame
  • 2 gunsmiths
  • 3 fire gamin
  • miner

Plant evidence (announced)
Frame for murder on a fire gamin

I'm crap at writing battle reports, so I won't ;) - The game ended up as a 5-5 draw and Kaeris as the sole remaining member of James' crew running away dropping scheme markers for plant evidence. Howard ran away to clean up after the miner, so survived costing me 3vps but he needed to deny James' his points as I didn't know what his second scheme was.

I enjoyed using Ramos rather than being on the receiving end of a Joss beatdown :) and i'm looking forward to trying a few more tricks with the spiders. a reactivating fast Howard is ridiculously fast - moving a potential of 35" in a turn.

#ToMB Spend: $59 - $1 to carry over
Actual spend: £31.70
Anyway, this post is far too long so, until next time :)

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