Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Malifaux ToMB Month 2 - a change afoot

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers - Month 2.

Hi all, and welcome to my month 2 post for #ToMB or Tale of Malifaux Bloggers, i'm here to discuss how I've been doing with my master of choice - Jack Daw............ what? Ramos? who's he?...... ok - you caught me out.

I had initially chosen Ramos as my #ToMB master, bought the box set, built it up and had a couple of games with him, but I just wasn't feeling it. As nice as it was hitting people with Joss and Howard and making hundreds of spiders it just felt a bit... meh.

As well as playing with Ramos I had also been experimenting with a fella by the name of Jack Daw and the difference was amazing, I felt enthused and excited trying out different things with him, so I've decided to retcon myself and switch to Jack Daw's crew and Outcasts.
Jack Daw

Now there's a small issue with this, in that there is now box set for Jack out, and also the only model in his 'crew' that exists is the big man himself, but who lets things like that get in the way - lets make some stuff up.

Initial purchases - Month 1.

I've looked in my crystal ball and I predict that the jack box will follow the standard makeup - master, hench, totem and 3 minions.

Looking at Jack's crew this will be - Jack Daw, Lady Ligeia (totem), Montresor (henchman) & 3 Guilty.

I reckon this will probably cost the 'standard' price of $45 as there's nothing particularly huge in there, this gives me $15 left. so what to spend the rest of my month 1 budget on?

Jack Daw can take any outcasts, as well as any 'tormented' models, the list he can choose from includes the following out of faction models:

Papa Loco - $10
Crooked Men - $18
Nurses - $15
Hanged - $14
The Drowned - $18
Jaakuna Ubume - $18

for my initial purchase I've decided to ignore these tormented models and go for something that gives me a bit of extra punch - a boy named Sue - he's $10 which leaves me $5 left of my initial budget.
a boy named Sue

Now, as i've changed master, month 2 has just started, so I get to spend some more money too! yay.

Month 2 purchases.

So, my $5 left over from month 1 and the $25 from month 2 give me a total of $30 to spend, now this is a bit of a pain due to the costing of the blisters, but i'm going to buy a couple of things:

Jaakuna Ubume - $18
Taelor - $9.50
Total - $27.50 leaving me $2.50 leftover for month 3.
Jaakuna Ubume


So, after 2 months of purchases I have the following model pool to choose from:

Jack Daw
Lady Ligeia
3x Guilty
Jaakuna Ubume

Maybe a little heavy on expensive models, but gives me a few options. My next post will go through the proxies i'm using for my crew, then i'll do another running through the crew and what each of the models does.

Cheers all - and please don't get too annoyed at me for changing ;)


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