Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Malifaux Tomb - Jack's back


In this post i'm going to run through the models that I predict will appear in the Jack Daw crew box (Jack, Montresor, 3xGuilty, Lady Ligeia) I'm not going to go through everything, but just going to try and explain how I see them working in a crew, what skills they have and how they can contribute.

So, lets begin:

Jack Daw.

So, the big man himself - what's he about? His main USP is his cursed upgrades, I'm not going to go into the standard upgrades in this post, but as his cursed upgrades are used with his basic attacks I'm going to cover them.

Jack can hire any outcast minions (as that's his faction) plus any models with the tormented characteristic, he will still have to pay an extra ss for these minions out of faction as normal.

Jack's got two main attacks on his card, a ranged attack (although not a gun, so not affected by cover) and a melee attack, both do a similar amount of damage, (1-2/3/4) so he's not going to be dealing out a huge amount of damage against your enemies, however the way Jack works in a more controlling manner - there is an auto trigger on both of these attacks that lets you attach one of his free upgrades to the target model - these upgrades are detrimental and can cause quite a bit of damage.

  • Drowning Injustice - When this upgrade is attached the model will take 2 damage whenever it takes a tactical action and also will take another 2 damage whenever it it fails a simple duel.
  • Firing Squad Injustice - When this upgrade is attached the model will take 2 damage whenever it takes an attack action, also whenever the model takes damage it suffers an additional point of damage.
  • Guillotine Injustice - When this upgrade is attached the model needs to discard 2 cards when it activates or it is instantly killed.

As you can see these upgrades can cause havoc for your opponent - they can do a (2) action to remove the upgrade, but Jack just gets it back again to place on the next one.

Jack used to be really hard to kill, he used to be only hurt by magic weapons or spells, and be able to ignore all damage by discarding a single card, now he's a bit more standard with 13 wounds and a relatively low defence of 4 - however all attack and damage flips against it are on a negative flip, which gives him a good defence.

Lady Ligeia.

Lady Ligeia is Jack's totem, relatively easy to kill - only 3 wounds, but with defence 6 and incorporeal, I think her major strength and defence is her aura - she has a 3" aura in which enemy models can't cheat fate - this is huge and has been a feature in most of my games with this crew - not being able to cheat defence flips is massive and can help get the straight damage flips against them.

Apart from that, she has bash - yeah bash from M1.5 ML 3 and 0/1/2 damage, also got a ranged attack which does similar damage, but has a trigger for the target to discard a card.


Montresor is Jack's Henchman, a terrifying hangman who really wants to be in the thick of things as he has a bunch of abilites that affect people in base contact and can move people in base contact.
At the end of the turn, all enemies in base contact have to do a TN14 DF duel or suffer 2 damage, which is quite likely as you'll have depleted their hand by the end of the turn.

His ranged attack does quite a range of damage - 1/4/7, so probably won't do much damage, however the trigger is handy - after damaging the target must discard 2 cards or be pushed into base contact - and with a range of 10" this can move them quite a large distance.
His melee attack does the same damage, and has the same trigger but also has another trigger that gives out paralyse if the target is already in base contact - very handy.

He's only got a walk of 4 but he does have nimble, so is deceptively fast and can jog around the board quite a bit.

Every time I look at his card I don't think much of him, but then in game he does well, so I think he's one of those pieces that just needs to be played with.

The Guilty.

These are the workhorse models in the crew, only 5 soulstones each, but quite hardwearing - they have a defence of 6 and hard to kill, coupled with 6 wounds makes them need a bit of effort to get rid of.

They again only have a walk of 4, but they do have a zero action that lets them push 6" towards another tormented model within 12". Their melee attack is pretty good for a cheap minion, ML5 doing 2/3/5 damage and a trigger that makes the target have to discard a card to attack a tormented model.

Lastly they can make any model tormented, which can be very useful when it comes to some of Jack's upgrades.

So how have I been playing them?

I think the base box set is missing a damage dealer, someone who can put a consistent amount of damage out - as most things have weak damage 1 or 2 - I've been using Sue to give a bit of ranged punch, with min 3 dmg he can help quite a bit, alternatively taking Taelor to give the high damage melee punch. Both of these models are quite slow, but Jack has an upgrade which gives every tormented model that activates within 6" of him a push - so making them tormented with the guilty gives them extra mobility to get themselves in position - also the Oath Keeper upgrade to give them fast is really handy and can get them in the right position to cause some pain.

I normally run the guilty and Montresor as my objective grabbers - the guilty's push and montresors nimble allow them to cover quite a bit of ground, again if they're near Jack they can get a free push to start with as well.

Deployment wise I tend to deploy as a block, keeping everyone within 6" or so of each other to enable the auras to do their job.

Running Lady Ligeia behind montresor keeps her hidden, and if then she can pop out when close to stop the enemy from cheating.

Wll I think thats enough for this post, in my next one i'll run through Jack's upgrades and the extra models I picked up for #ToMB.


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