Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warhammer Nipponese

L33T First Post.

Welcome to my wargaming blog, you'll find lots of stuff here - hopefully some will be interesting.

First thing I'm going to post about is my new Warhammer Fantasy army, the army of Nippon.

When I heard the Empire book was being re-done it tempted me into starting Warhammer again, coupled with the fact I've just moved to a new area where fantasy is played a bit more than the skirmish games I've recently been playing. I wanted something a bit different to the standard Fantasy races - as I always like to be awkward (my other fantasy armies are Chaos Dwarves and Orcs) - and whilst browsing the web I came across war games factories new Samurai models and the inspiration demon hit.

Despite the hate for war games factory models out there on the internet I was surprised at the quality, granted the samurai themselves are a bit basic and with only a few poses if you want them all armed the same the Ashigaru are pretty great and when ranked up look awesome, so I ordered a few boxes from Maelstrom and started to plan the army.

Long story short after a flurry of knives and glue this is what I ended up with:

Pike regiment finished - it's like an angry warhammer hedgehog:
More pics after the jump:



Greatsword Samurai:

Lion Cavalry (rider is without his lance/spear (same as the pikemen):

Still to come:

the Cannons, Halberdiers (using Naginata weapons) and helblaster and then paint :s :s :s

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